GLSTouch RF 15-Button Hand-Held Remote Controller (DC) Battery Powered (Type-A)


GLSTouch RF 15-Button Hand-Held Remote Controller (DC) Battery Powered (Type-A)

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GLSTOUCH Radio Frequency (433.92MHz) Hand-Held Remote Controller 15-Buttons - TYPE-A


Designed and programmed to work only with GLSTouch RF-Enabled touch panel light switches.

Compaitble Product model numbers are:

G1-1GW, G1-1GB, G1-1GG, G1-2GW, G1-2GB, G1-2GG, G1-3GB, G1-3GW, G1-3GG,

G1-1GRW, G1-1GRB, G1-1GRG, G1-2GRW, G1-2GRB, G1-2GRG, G1-3GRB, G1-3GRW, G1-3GRG,

G1-1GDW, G1-1GDB, G1-1GDG, G1-1GDRW, G1-1GDRB, G1-1GDRG


- For use with GLSTouch  RF (UK) Power Socket Adapter:

Model: UKRF16AS

- For use with GLSTouch 10A Wireless RF 433.92MHz Controller:

Model: RFC1L10A


TYPE-A Remote Controller
(RF) Radio Frequency Signal: 433.92MHz
(RF) Radio Frequency Range: up to 30m distance
(DC) Battery type: Alkaline 27A 12V 
Suitable for setting up RF signals into home-automation systems like Broadlink RM PRO or Domoticz (RFXCOM transcievers.)

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